Thank you for using NuSphere DBG Wizard (v2.0.2003). I am your DBG (PHP Debugger) Helper Script.

I will try to help you with setting up your PhpED project and installing DBG - NuSphere PHP Debugger. I'll do my best and suggest the ways to configure things, but if you still having problems, please don't forget: NuSphere's team is committed to making you successful. Here is the list of resources you can use:

What did I find out about your system

I assume that you placed me in the root directory of your web server and on your PhpED machine pointed your browser to me - like this: <URL of your web site>/dbg-wizard.php

I see that:

DBG (PHP DEBUGGER) is not installed

How to install Server side DBG module

I noticed that DBG (PHP DEBUGGER) is NOT INSTALLED on your server

Linux glibc version is not supported
Please consult with this table regarding supported platforms.

How to setup your PhpED Project Properties

I can suggest the following settings for your Project to debug PHP scripts on Server :
You can create new Project by selecting File->New Project or by selecting New Project in the Workspace Pop up Menu
In the Project Properties Dialog set:

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